Training Services

Interactive Training
HN Consultants Ltd. has a proven track record of developing highly successful training programs in the fields of health, environment, and business management. We leverage state-of-the-art software and multimedia technologies to create cost-effective solutions for both public and private sectors. Our projects range from training on how to use software applications to dealing with stress management. We have also developed tools for funeral home directors to produce videos that assist in healing. Additionally, we have produced applications for vacation planning, health, and environmental education. Our experienced team, with the assistance of subject matter experts, excels at transforming complex subjects into simple yet effective messages.

Interactive Training Applications

HNCL has applied it's proven methodology to develop successful cost-effective interactive desktop and cloud-based training solutions. We work closely with our clients’ project team and potential users to identify the objectives and goals to be achieved; then we apply scientific methods to define the process and break it down into well defined steps. To illustrate some examples of HNCL’s capabilities, the following are some of our past projects:

Medical Education
Radiology Continuing Medical Education – This program was developed for the British Columbia Radiological Society. It was built using HNCL Learning Center engine. It provides radiologist and technologist with courses in radiology and access to actual case studies using state of the art web based DICOM viewer. The program has a comprehensive course administration module to allow system administrator adding courses, quizzes, issue certificates, and monitor learning progress.

Oil spill training
Fuel Contractor Manual and Oil Spill Response – This program was developed for the Petroleum Product Division of the Department of Supply and Services Canada in the Northwest Territories. This program is used to provide training to operators of fuel tank farms across the Northwest Territories. The Learning Management System included in the program allows for monitoring learning progress, test learners knowledge, and issue certificates.

Pollution prevention
Basics of Oil Spill Response -The program provides a first level training, it covers all aspects required to response to oil spills. The topics covered in the program follow the basic material that is covered by the International Maritime Organization Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Training Course. The program is currently used by major international oil companies, coast guards, shipping and mining companies, and government agencies. It is available as an Internet, Intranet, and as a desktop application. A number of clients have customized the program to cover their working environment and their specific oil spill contingency plans. Visit our E-Learning portal

Financial Services Training
Stress Management - Stress management was developed for HSBC. The instructional design philosophy of the Stress Management Interactive Training is based on providing the users with knowledge to understand the impact of stress on their lives, then challenge them through simple self-assessment tests to acknowledge the fact that most of us face stress in our daily life. Once they acknowledge this fact, the user is more willing to listen and learn about how to manage stress.. We produced the "Stress Management Interactive Training" in a user friendly, straightforward, light hearted manner to reflect two simple messages (I) stress may have a positive or negative impact, and (2) our attitude and initiatives that can influence the outcome of any stressful situation. HNCL has also developed another training program for HSBC "Managing Change".

Commmunity engagement
Management Software - HNCL has developed four training applications for the Loewen Group, one of the largest funeral homes in North America, these are Financial Management (FDMS), Business Management (Business Works), Payroll Accounting Software, and Cemetery Management (HMIS). In addition the company has develop a basic training on how to use computer; these programs were distrusted to more than 1200 funeral homes. In addition to the development of the programs, HNCL team was responsible for technical support for these homes. This was a major task to train funeral home directors with very little knowledge about the use of computers or any software applications.

Real Eastate Solutions
IROC Sales Process - Produced for Intrawest Resort Ownership Corporation, the interactive Sales Process Training Software (CD-ROM application) defines, outlines and clarifies the sales process. HNCL developed this system integrating accepted sales techniques and applied them specifically to highlight the benefits of Intrawest resorts to customers. This was achieved by providing a step-by-step breakdown of the sales process. For each step, explanations are given to educate the salesperson so he/she understands the process, rather than just memorizing the process. HNCL worked together with Intrawest employees for the content of the initiation process, wrote the script, did the filming, and designed the software. HNCL also developed an additional training module “Dealing with Objections".

Concept Design

HNCL team has demonstrated excellent capabilities for converting complex subject matters into a simple user friendly information systems and training application in vast fields of expertise including oil and gas, health, tourism, utilities, public and government services. No matter what the subject matter is, HNCL has a wide network of experts to assist in your application development. The key is simple user friendly.

Instructional Design

With more than thirty interactive training applications, HNCL instructional designers develop training application through a variety of learning methodologies based on your need, We work with our clients to identify learning objectives and methods of delivering the training applications including inside promotional activities.

Our design considers the users’ level of knowledge of both the subject matter and computer operation, and it is a priority to deliver systems that are simple to navigate and understand. Prior to system implementation, HNCL subjects the software to rigorous testing, ensuring that the company's high quality control standards are met.

Contents Development

Our company is specialized in producing promotional and training videos geared for web-based, desktop, and DVD interactive applications. We have developed a unique methodology based on years of experience that we utilize with state-of-the-art production studio to provide our clients with cost effective on time videos. We has have extensive library of stock footage and photographs to further reduce the cost of production. The final products are delivered as DVD or digitized for web-based applications.


HNCL provides training on how to develop interactive training and presentation applications. We provided a training course for Statistics Canada staff on how to design and develop interactive multimedia training programs. The training program included: hardware and software installation and troubleshooting, audio and video digitizing, graphic design, and how to develop a Storyboard. During the training course, HNCL and Statistics Canada staff prepared a prototype for industrial coding.

We have developed a comprehensive methodology that we apply in projects development:
  • Our management strategy is based on “Management by Objective”
  • Use of state-of-the-art information technologies
  • Applications should by be user friendly
  • Quality assurance - our applications are tested on different platforms, operating systems, and all internet browsers
  • Clear definition of projects goals and objectives
  • Involve all stakeholders, clients and end users
  • Consistent information
  • Cost effective training solutions
  • Self-paced learning modules allow learners to work at their own pace
  • Improved absorption rate
  • Broad range of information
  • 24-hour availability
  • Flexibility to join discussions with classmates and instructors remotely
  • Testing and Certification
  • Instant updating
  • An effective way for organizations to reduce their carbon footprint

As part of our commitment to providing our clients with a complete communication, marketing, and training solutions, HNCL has extensive experience in developing cost-effective digital and printed materials including:

  • DVDs
  • CD-ROMs
  • Podcasts
  • Multimedia Kiosks
  • Touch Screen Presentations
  • Printed and electronic brochures, flyers, and advertisements

Our team will work with your organization to identify your objectives, target audience, their interests and needs, and transfer your brand message into visually appealing and compelling materials. We have a top-notch network of suppliers and service providers to facilitate the production process and minimize costs.

Video Production

Digital Publishing - HNCL has pioneered the art of digital publishing in the early 1990's. From photography, to video production, and podcasting; HNCL converts your message into a user friendly web-based and DVD/CD-ROM format.


Tradeshows - HNCL has assisted a number of companies and organizations in designing their exhibits and marketing materials including flyers, give-away promotional materials and interactive presentations.

Publishing Services

Real Estate Marketing - We have developed complete marketing and sales materials for major real estate projects. This include logo design, marketing materials, floor plans, 3D walk through animation and interactive kiosk applications.