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Empowerment of Patients and Healthcare Providers

Chronic diseases, especially Type 2 diabetes, have reached epidemic proportions, with over 450 million people worldwide affected by diabetes. Governments and health organizations are struggling to cope with the increasing number of patients using conventional approaches. HNCL has collaborated with several organizations to develop unique, evidence-based comprehensive diabetes prevention and management programs that range from education to community-based prevention and management models, as well as state-of-the-art virtual diabetes centers.

Health Promotion

Our philosophy

At HNCL, we believe in bringing together all stakeholders, including healthcare services, medical associations, community service organizations, not-for-profit associations, pharmaceuticals, and patient support groups, during the planning, funding, and implementation stages of our initiatives. Our philosophy is based on empowering and motivating patients to play a leading role in managing their chronic diseases through culturally sensitive and holistic self-education interactive programs. We provide healthcare professionals with innovative technology-based tools for better treatment and monitoring of patients. We also offer integrated solutions for healthcare services to cost-effectively manage their resources while providing efficient services to clients. Below are some of our projects…


Virtual Diabetes Center

Diabetes, like other chronic diseases, is a complex illness that requires a comprehensive approach to prevention and management. It requires patient ownership with long-term support from a multidisciplinary healthcare team. Continuous supervised monitoring and modification of management plans are also necessary.

HNCL has developed several applications, including the Virtual Diabetes Center (VDC), a proprietary Electronic Medical Records system that specializes in type 2 diabetes and other chronic disease management and virtual care. VDC facilitates coordination among the integrated medical care team and patient self-management to provide better patient care while improving workflow and productivity of the healthcare system. VDC can also be used as a diabetes registry and customized for pharmaceutical and medical research. Currently, VDC is used in two Mobile Diabetes Clinics (funded by Health Canada) in British Columbia, providing thousands of patients with access to care. For more information about other components of VDC and our implementation models click here.

live well with diabetes

Live Well with Diabetes

HNCL, in association with the BC Endocrine Research Foundation, has developed a comprehensive multicultural diabetes education program that is available as a web-based program, DVD, and CD-ROM. Live Well with Diabetes addresses cultural aspects that motivate people to manage their health in Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Farsi, Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

The purpose of Live Well with Diabetes is to provide a combination of diabetes knowledge and self-management skills, as well as heightened self-awareness regarding health beliefs, needs, and goals. Individuals with diabetes can use this knowledge to make informed decisions about their behavior and act for their self-care. Family and friends can also gain understanding, thereby providing a solid support network for individuals with diabetes.

In addition to developing the application, HNCL has assisted in fundraising activities, conducted pilot projects to evaluate the effectiveness of the program, and promoted the program through several conferences and workshops. HNCL has produced all promotional materials and newsletters. The program was developed in 2005 and updated annually by HNCL. It is accessed by people from many countries and is used by support groups and health organizations. Live Well with Diabetes is partially sponsored by most of the major pharmaceutical companies, demonstrating a successful partnership for the benefit of patients. Visit Live Well with Diabetes

Diabetes and First Nations

Diabetes and My Nation

HNCL has developed a community-based diabetes prevention and management model that has been successfully implemented in several First Nation communities in British Columbia. The model is based on a culturally appropriate, holistic approach that includes programs for all age groups in the community, including adults, youth, and school children. It combines education, monitoring, and treatment to provide comprehensive care.

The project was selected as one of eight best practices in Canada in 2008 by the First Nation and Inuit Health Branch of Health Canada. HNCL was involved in all phases of the project, from developing a comprehensive educational program to managing the project and working with community members to develop culturally based activities that motivate lifestyle changes. Other sporting activities were also combined as part of diabetes prevention.

HNCL has partnered with the BC ActNow initiative to further promote diabetes prevention throughout the Province of British Columbia. The company is assisting a group of First Nation leaders in establishing a not-for-profit foundation to continue implementing this model in other communities. Visit Diabetes and My Nation

Diabetes Awareness and Screening

Diabetes Awareness
HNCL has organized more than 20 diabetes awareness and screening events for the First Nations communities in British Columbia. These events are community gatherings designed to share knowledge regarding diabetes between healthcare professionals and community members. It is also an opportunity for community members to be screened for diabetes. Screening tests include random glucose. If the result is higher than 8 mmols/l, or if they have known diabetes, the A1c is tested By Point-of Care testing. Other tests were available included blood pressure, BMI, and lipids to complete a Metabolic Syndrome profile. These events were carried out with the association of BC Ministry of Healthy Living and Sports, health authorities and local healthcare communities.

Continuing Medical Education

This program was developed for the British Columbia Radiological Society. It was built using HNCL Learning Center engine. It provides radiologist and technologist with courses in radiology and access to actual case studies using state of the art web based DICOM viewer. The program has a comprehensive course administration module to allow system administrator adding courses, quizzes, issue certificates, and monitor learning progress.

Radiologist Validation and Certification

DICOM Viewer
Developed for a confidential client. The program is a critical link in supporting medical imaging professionals in acquiring, maintaining, advancing and validating diagnostic skills required to ensure quality care for patients. It combines a state of the art web based DICOM viewer, a learning management system and real time collaborations.

Silver HealthLink

DICOM Viewer
Silver HealthLink ("SHL") is a proprietary cloud-based digital health solution developed to meet the needs of home care service providers, operators of retirement homes and long-term care facilities, and government services to address their clients’ complex, wide-ranging and changing needs, which can involve multiple chronic conditions and transitions between different care settings. Read more ...

COVID-19 Monitoring and Notification

DICOM Viewer
A proprietary cloud-based application for monitoring people during self-isolation with probable or confirmed COVID-19 infection. Daily symptoms are recorded twice by the self-isolated person and/or the designated health care service. The application, using a proprietary algorithm send notifications to healthcare services for follow-up using telemedicine, based on set of indicators. Read more ...

Diabetes Management JumpStart Program

Diabetes Awareness
HNCL developed a 7-day program designed to transform patients’ perspective on chronic disease management, obesity, and positive lifestyle changes. Our holistic approach to health management and wellness includes access to state-of-the-art digital health solutions, professional healthcare professionals, expert coaches and nutritionists, and educational sessions to help accelerate patients towards their healthy balanced living goals. Read more ...

Our Services

Our team includes professional healthcare providers, health administrators, and patients with considerable business expertise, to ensure that our solutions are evidence based, comprehensive, cost effective, and sustainable. HNCL provides:
  • Designing and implementing health education programs
  • Developing web base Continuing Medical Education for healthcare providers
  • Designing and implementing diabetes community based awareness and management strategies
  • Developing healthcare software applications
  • Training and transfer of technology
  • Developing Clinical Outcome Measures
  • Evaluation of Disease Management Program Effectiveness
  • System analysis, identifying gaps in care delivery system, and designing alternative solutions
  • Developing stakeholders partnerships

Our Methodology

We have developed a comprehensive methodology that we apply in projects development:
  • Patient focused approach
  • Evidence based outcome
  • Development of Best Practices
  • Participation of all stakeholders during the planning, funding, and implementation stages of the project to ensure the solutions are cost effective, evidence-based, and sustainable
  • Management by objective approach
  • Maximize the use of information technology when applicable
  • Develop implementation procedures for future duplication of the project
  • Apply medical ethical protocols
  • Protection of patients’ information and ownership of data
  • Apply system encryption and data security

Health Education

Community Engagement in Health

While much of our ground-breaking work has been related to diabetes, we are steadfastly committed to healthcare in general, and strongly believe that multimedia and e-learning technologies can play an important role in delivering user-friendly public health education programs.


Around the Kitchen Table

A training DVD and website was developed for the BC Centre for Disease Control to promote the prevention of HIV

Continued Medical Education Portal

HN Consultants has developed a web-based Continuing Medical Education and Events Management System. The program is currently used by a number of health associations. The main Features of the system:

  • Courses and Events registration.
  • Learning Management System - for the administration, documentation, tracking learning progress, and reporting of training programs, and training content. Reports are exported to Excel files.
  • Authoring tools – user friendly interface for adding courses, quizzes, and events (workshops).
  • Certification – Issuing certificates upon the completion of courses and quizzes.
  • Notification – Email notification to training administrator of users’ registrations and completion of courses.
  • Digital Content Asset Management – Video, slide presentation, and Flash file format.
  • Integrated Payment Processing.

Health Promotion - Volunteering

HNCL’s team volunteers with several health associations and community-based initiatives to promote health education. We support these initiatives by fundraising, developing and producing educational materials and websites, and organizing community events.

Diabetes East Vancouver East Vancouver Aboriginal Diabetes Coalition
Sukar Misr Sukar Misr Patient's Education Portal
North Shore Diabetes Group North Shore Diabetes Support Group

Wellness and Retirement Community Model

Diabetes Awareness
HN Consultants Ltd has developed a wellness and retirement model for the baby boomer generation, which is facing several challenges as they approach retirement age in many countries. These challenges include the rising cost of living and healthcare, the lack of safety in some areas, and the changing weather patterns due to climate change. These factors may affect their quality of life, financial security, and well-being in their golden years. Moreover, these challenges can cause stress that may lead to faster aging and health complications for baby boomer. Read more ...