IT Services

IT Solutions
HNCL pioneered the integration of creative technologies into healthcare, environmental, and communication solutions. In 1984, HNCL in association with Pacific Oceans Sciences, developed the first computerized oil spill prevention and management program. As a development partner with IBM, HNCL was the first company in Western Canada to develop multimedia application “Window on the Fraser River – community engagement and environmental application” in 1990. In 1994 as a partner with Motorola, HNCL developed the first kiosks on BC Ferries utilizing radio modems, this technology is currently used for monitoring petroleum pipelines. Moving to 2014, HNCL developed a zero foot print web based DICOM viewer, as part of radiologist validation and certification system.

Software Development
Our extensive technical experience, precise methodology, project management skills, and quality assurance allow us to work with our clients to produce cost-effective, user-friendly software applications and system solutions to meet a variety of challenges. HNCL has more than 30 years of experience in developing software applications and systems integration. From simple solutions to complex ones, HNCL applies a proven methodology that converts your ideas into solutions.

HNCL has developed solutions ranging from highly complex healthcare management applications that include Artificial Intelligence for decision support, big data analytics, encryption, reports generation and eforms, ecommerce applications, customizable Learning Management Systems, and simple public information responsive websites.

Learning Management System

HN Consultants has developed a customizable Learning Management (E-Learning) and Events Management System. The program is currently used by a number of public and private organizations. The main Features of the system:

  • Courses and Events registration.
  • Learning Management System - for the administration, documentation, tracking learning progress, and reporting of training programs, and training content. Reports are exported to Excel files.
  • Authoring tools – user friendly interface for adding courses, quizzes, and events.
  • Certification – Issuing certificates upon the completion of courses and quizzes.
  • Notification – Email notification to training administrator of users’ registrations and completion of courses.
  • Digital Content Asset Management – Video, slide presentation, and Flash file format.
  • Integrated Payment Processing.

Our Services

Our experienced team members have extensive computer engineering background, they work with a creative team of graphic and animation designers to transfer your ideas into effective solutions. We work with tools such as Visual Studio and Adobe Creative Suite and many other authoring programs to produce integrated solutions in a timely fashion. We focus our application development to health, environmental, and communication fields to utilize our team expertise in these fields. HNCL provides:

  • System design and integration
  • Client and server side secure applications
  • Educational and training websites

Software Skills

  • Bluemix
  • Azure
  • ASP.Net Core
  • ASP.Net
  • Visual C#.NET
  • HTML5
  • MS SQL, MySql, MS Access
  • JavaScript and ASP
  • OpenScript
  • ActionScript
  • OLE Automation

Web Applications

HNCL has extensive expertise in developing Internet strategies and solutions that ranges from simple website to complex business management and E-Learning application, our services include:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Site analysis
  • Web positioning (SEO)
  • Advanced multimedia techniques
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Hosting

Content Management System (CMS) - HNCL has developed a proprietary CMS component that is integrated in the overall development of websites. It provides features that are needed to maintain the website such as content editing, adding dynamic pages, digital content management, and SEO optimization.

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Interactive Vacation Planning Guide

Developed for Intrawest Resort Ownership Corporation, the Vacation Budget Forecast is an integral part of the sales process. Before developing this interactive, touch-screen sales tool, HNCL first had to analyze the sales process and decide how multimedia technology could be used to increase both the sales and credibility of destination resorts. The successful implementation of standardizing the sales process dramatically increased sales and the program's reliability has eliminated the need of on-going technical support.

British Columbia Tourist Info-System

A touch screen kiosk application developed for the BC Ministry of Tourism. This application was the first of its kind to be installed on board BC Ferries. HNCL worked with IBM Canada and Motorola to develop a unique wide area multimedia networking system using radio modems through the Internet to maintain and update application contents. HNCL also developed special software for automatic touch screen calibration and system monitoring to ensure minimized down time. HNCL developed a reporting system to monitor usage of the system and identified areas of user interest.

Real Estate Marketing Systems

HNCL was one of the first companies to develop interactive touch screen multimedia systems to assist in marketing real estate projects during the pre-construction phase. The system incorporated digital audio and video with 3D animation to provide users with information about the project and its main features, including location and amenities. Through a unique mortgage analysis module, the system, utilizing the power of computer processing, allowed users to analyze and calculate payment options and view the increased equity in their investment.